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its not supernatural, clairvoyance, occult or psychic....its science....the psychology of dreams

i can competently interpret dreams using the science/psychology of Carl Jung

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In the Beginning, A Transformation
In 1992 at the age of 42 I began my journey of self discovery with an introduction to American Mythologist Joseph Campbell in the popular PBS series program The Power of Myth {with Bill Moyers}. That experience led me to Jungian psyche and the world of dreams. In a single night I was transformed from being guided by social norms of the times to the true person I was meant to be. A life that was long dominated by ego desires and unconscious energies was replaced by an inward search for meaning, fulfillment and conscious enlightment. After 24 years of study and personal search I am now in retirement, working with dreams, designing/maintaining my websites and, a task that was cast upon me, caring for a community of domestic and feral cats.
Campbell is best known for his work in comparative mythology and religion and his exploration of the many facets of the human experience. Among his admirers was George Lucas whose Star War trilogies was based on Campbell's Monomyth, the basic patterns of the mythological hero/heroine. The phrase 'follow your bliss' is largely attributed to Campbell in teaching his students at Sarah Lawrence College, his idea of bliss involves finding that thing in life you love doing most and make that your profession, your life.

After my transforming experience in 1992 I began a deeper examination of my own psychological life with an in-depth study of Carl Jung, his theories/concepts of the psyche. With that I became interested in dreams and soon discovered I possessed an intuitive understanding of the 'natural' inner processes within the unconscious {the stuff Jungian psyche is about}. Psychology had always been a great interest but because of early life circumstances I was led in a different direction. That all changed when I discovered Campbell and Jung. Transformation happened in an instance but the affects are lasting a life time.

In 1998 I began a self taught education into web design and later that year began designing my first and most comprehensive website Myths-Dreams-Symbols. That website became my tool of expression which has helped me to develop personally, psychologically and spiritually. I designed the Dream Forum in 2005 and built a condensed version of MDS in 2012 {Power of Dreams}. The creative aspect is one piece of transforming from the ego driven self to discovering the inner greater Self. In my belief system God is within each of us and discovering the 'Greater Self' is finding true spirituality.

I first began analyzing/interpreting dreams in the mid 1990s at various dream websites when the internet was relatively still in its infancy. Then there were many and varied methods of dream interpretation but in working with Jungian concepts I found I was able to provide good interpretations even with what little training I had. The more I applied Jungian concepts the greater success I had. As a lay person working in a field that is very much academia I felt I had gained insights into the dream world that would normally require many years of deep study in an university environment. As the years passed and my practical work with dreams providing more insights I began to experience even greater success. So much so I now feel with the years of experience I can confidently lable myself as an experienced and skilled dream analyst.

Dream Forum
In 2005 I designed and placed on line my Dream Forum. The forum allows visitors to post their dreams for analysis and interpretation {my interpretations have always been free} and gain insights to both the dream world as well as their own true self. I have interpreted more than 4,500 dreams with the follow-up responses from the dreamer and other comments totaling more than 15,000 posts. Analyzing dreams at the Dream Forum has allowed to me to gain insights to dream structure, the many applications within a dream, as well as an in-depth understanding of the metaphorical/symbolic language that dreams use. My success in properly and succesfully analyzing dreams has led me to the strong belief that all dreams can be interpreted by an experienced dream analyst {using Jungian concepts}. Contrary to what is still believe, I have found dreams are no longer a great mystery. Their language of symbol and metaphor {with a focus on the emotions} allows true insights to what lies within the dreamer's unconscious. I am confident that within time there will be a universal acceptance of this and dreams will be used more as a general therapeutic tool in resolving emotional issues {as many Jungian therapists do today}. My approach to dreams is they focus the emotions and by analyzing, interpreting and understanding what the dream has to offer we will be able to resolve our emotional issues with greater success and in a shorter period of time. My Dream Forum is a catalog of my work which, when analyzing the posted dreams, will demonstrate the success I have achieved in analyzing dreams. I am not alone in using Jungian concepts in dream work. There are many like myself who have found great sucess in correctly analyzing and interpreting dreams {using Jung}. When I began interpreting dreams in the mid 1990s there were few who used Jung. Today he is in the lead of dream psychology and interpretation.

Life Today
Today I am retired living in Cocoa, Florida. I continue to work part time with the family fence business that my son owns in Orlando. But my passion is in working with dreams and my websites. I became involved with
homeless and sheltered animals when I moved to Florida in 2012 and I now care for domestic cats an a community of feral cats. Physical fitness continues to be a vital part of my lifestyle {a routine I began in the late 1970s}, a vital part of maintaining balance psychologically, physically and spiritually. Healthy mind, whole body and guiding spirit. My religion is of the spirit of soul and nature. The dream world contributes to that spirit.
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Interpreting Dreams is using a Natural Intuitive Process and basic Jungian concepts

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