Exploring the Unconscious World of Dreams Using the Concepts of Carl Jung
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its not supernatural, clairvoyance, occult or psychic....its a SCIENCE....the psychology of dreams
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Power of Dreams

Dreams are a succession of images, actions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind primarily during the REM stage of sleep. Dreams are unbiased, spontaneous products of the unconscious, outside the control of conscious will. The act of dreaming is physical but the contents of dreams are psychological. They are NATURAL expressions of the dreamer's emotiomal/personal life illustrating experiences that possess strong emotional energies. Although there are literal applications in dreams the primarily language is symbolic, metaphorical of the dreamer's emotional energies....more

the dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul....Carl Jung

Why Interpret Your Dreams
Dreams are Unbiased Messages From the Unconscious Reflecting Your Emotional Energies That Influence if Not Control the Ego LIfe

What Is Jungian Dream Psychology?
The Royal Road to the Unconscious

Basics of Dream Analysis/Interpretation
An Explicit Process Based On Emotional Patterns & Unconscious Energies

Amplification of Symbols/Images and Actions in a Dream
The Deep Stuff- Expanding the Associations to the Dream Images

Interpreting A Dream
Instructions On How to Interpret Your Own Dreams {with Sample Dream}

  • 1. Dreams are about the emotions, emotional energies of the person who is dreaming.

  • 2. The language of dreams is symbolic, but with literal applications. The symbolic images and actions are metaphors for the patterns or motifs for the dreamer's life.

  • 3. The purpose and function of dreams is to guide the conscious self to achieve wholeness and offer a solution to the problems in waking life including the deeper underlying issues, 'emotional injuries' that stem from the foundations of the dreamer.

  • 4. Dreams are nature's device. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect, the psych{ology} has the dream.

  • 5. Dreams possess 'Archteypal' representations, the universal, original patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct.

  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. The symbolic representation metaphorical of the emotional energies as well as a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a current life experience.

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