There is one thing I have learned from life when it comes to certainty.
You can learn from books but you only know from experience.

Over the past 25 years or so of working with dreams I have read volumns from many sources about these mental projections from the unconscious. From Joseph Campbell to Carl Jung, from mythology and psychology to neurology and the other related sciences, the knowledge I've gained has been crucial to understanding what dreams are, their purpose and their function. I have always sought to provide a simple but accurate analysis and have found great success in doing so. Now I am going a step further and looking to confirm what I have found from using the dream dictionaries to analyze dreams. It works!. But I need help to confirm my experiences so I have designed these pages seeking assistance from the public.

Up until about a year ago I used my knowledge of Jungian concepts and intuitive abilities to analyze dreams. I did consult my dream dictionaries as supplemental resources and found them to be most reliable. In February of 2017 I began almost exclusively to use the dictionaries because I wanted to determine for a fact using them worked. The dictionaries also helped in reducing the time needed to properly analayze dreams because they offered various but sound possibilities. By the first of this year I came to the conclusion most anyone could analyze dreams using the dictionaries {along with some basic knowledge of Jungian dream concepts which i have included in the pages}. I have been of the opinion for some time, based on experience in working with dreams, that interpreting dreams isn't a mystery. Jung got it right and it doesn't require a degree in psychology to analyze and successfully interpret dreams. I can do it and I believe most anyone else can also.

What I now need is for as many people as possible to use the dictionaries to analyze their dreams and see if it is really possible. It is totally free, doesn't require signing up to participate or even providing any information. Just use the resources I have provided and consult the dictionaries. I do need feedback. And to help with any questions there may be I have created a Discussion Forum where I and others who wish to participate can comment. That too is free.

Jerry Gifford
The Power of Dreams