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its not supernatural, clairvoyance, occult or psychic....its science....the psychology of dreams

the dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul....Carl Jung
the dream dialog with the unconscious
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The Language of Dreams
No Longer A Mystery
it is widely accepted science that dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor. Psychologist Carl Jung's theories on the unconscious are accepted as the definitive method for the interpretation of dreams. His theory of personality types have become the standard for personality typing and is the model for the popular
Myer's-Briggs Personality Test
Exploring the Unconscious World of Dreams
Advancing the importance of dreams in achieving psychological wholeness

Suggested Reading/Listening {Audio Book}
Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
Jung: A Very Short Introduction
by Anthony Stevens
This is the most lucid and timely introduction to the theories and concepts of Carl Gustav Jung. In his extremely accessible introduction Anthony Stevens clearly explains the basic concepts of Jungian psychology: the collective unconscious, complex, archetypes, shadow, persona, anima, animus, the individualization of the Self and dreams. A small masterpiece of insight and concision, this audio book offers a clear portrait of one of the twentieth century's most important and controversial thinkers.

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The Power of Dreams is a creative endeavor by dream analyst Jerry Gifford. Power of Dreams is a condensed version of Myths-Dreams-Symbols website which contains 500+ pages dedicated to Jungian dream psychology. MDS has been on the internet since 1998, Power of Dreams since 2012.

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the dream is to the psyche as is the immune system is to the body. both protect and heal

Quick Links: A Simple Guide to Dreams  /  Language of Dreams  /  The Shadow in Dreams  /  List of Interpreted Dreams  /  Video Library

Marion Woodman
Jungian Analyist-Mythopoetic Author-International Teacher
of the
The Owl
Was A
Studies {using dreams} on the spiritual and psychological roots of addiction in women
Personal Dream Analysis
Comprehensive Analysis of Your Dreams
Defining Emotional Patterns/Amplifying Image and Actions

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Dream Interpretation
Read Jerry's Interpretation of
Dr. Jean Raffa's Dream

Revisiting My Childhood Home
Dream Theatres of the Soul
Dr. Jean Raffa is an author, speaker, and leader of workshops, dream groups, and study groups. Her job history includes teacher, television producer, college professor, and instructor at the Disney Institute in Orlando and The Jung Center in Winter Park, FL.
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